Frequently Asked Questions

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These are a few of the questions we often receive. If yours isn't here, please contact us!

Do all of your bike tours have a guide?
Yes, all do have a guide.

What kind of tours do you offer?
We offer two kinds of guided bike tours: private and scheduled

  1. Private tours: you are the only group in this tour and pay a fixed amount for the whole group. These tours can take place on any day, pending availability. Please inquire.
  2. Scheduled tours: these tours take place on specific set days. Groups may be combined and you pay a price per person. You can find the schedule in our calender.

What time do scheduled tours depart?

  • 13:00 for Gouda Holland Classic tours on Thursdays (April - August - after Gouda Cheese Market)
  • 10:00 for all other tours.

What time do private tours depart?
Departure times for private tours will usually be similar to scheduled tours, but may vary upon request.

How many people are the groups in scheduled tours?
Green Cow offers bike tours in a personal way. For this reason we keep our group sizes small, so no more than 15 people. Moreover, you can request a private tour if you wish. Please contact us for more information.

Where is the meeting point?
In Gouda, the meeting point is at Keck cafe. The address is Stationsplein 1E (opposite the train station). You can find it here.
In Delft, the meeting point is at Bike Totaal Wijtman Tweewielers. The address is Westlandseweg 17. You can find it here.

What do I bring?
Five items:

  1. Casual wear. We recommend you to dress casually. Biking in the Netherlands does not require tight lycra gear at all, but take care to wear clothes in which you can move comfortably: jeans or slacks with a sweater or t-shirt is fine. Wide pants legs are not recommend as they might get stuck in the chain, causing stains or even tearing.
  2. Raingear. Bring a raincoat when it rains. We do supply ponchos but it’s always better to be prepared for that yourself in perhaps more comfortable attire.
  3. Sun protection. Have some sunscreen ready during sunny days. Sunglasses and some head covering are recommend during the warmer days.
  4. Food and drink. Please be aware that food and drinks are not supplied nor included, so make sure you bring your own! Riding through the countryside means there are few places to buy this. The supermarket at the square is an ideal place to stock up. For a short trip, one or two half-litre bottles of water and some snacks can be enough. For longer trips, bring 3-4 half-litre bottles of water, also depending on the weather, snacks, and lunch if it is not included in the trip. For some trips a lunch stop at a local café can be added, please enquire.
  5. Finally, the most important item to bring is yourself!

Can I book a tour as an individual?
Yes, you can book tours individually or as a group. The scheduled tours are listed on the Calendar page.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, of course. We will offer you a discount in case you bring your own bike. The discount will be 8 euros.

What other items do you offer?
All bike tours include bike rental (regular bike). We can offer the following options that you can add to your guided bike tour.

Item Price per person per day
E-bike €15
Helmet €3
Bicycle bags €2
Child seat €5

How and when do I pay?
You can pay the guide after the tour. Our number one goal is to offer you a unique experience. We try to do so by offering you the Green Cow guarantee. This guarantee includes everything we offer to you (except for the weather – we’re sorry for that). In any case you feel unsatisfied with the experience you will receive the opportunity to pay nothing.
We're real cashcows and unfortunately, we don’t take cards or traveller cheques. Please bring cash to pay for your tickets.

Will I see a Green Cow?
In Holland organic farming is becoming increasingly popular. Several organic cow farms are based in the Green Heart of Holland where our bike tours will pass through. So yes, we will probably see several Green Cows on the way.

Where can I find the detailed schedule or route of my tour?
All of the tours we offer are carefully developed and selected. However, Green Cow aims to offer you a very personal experience. In many cases we adjust the program a little bit to your personal preferences. As such we don’t offer you a full-detail planning, nor do we provide route maps. What’s going to happen will remain a little surprise.

Oh no, it’s raining – will we go?
Yes, in almost every occasion Green Cow will do the tour. Only in very rare occasions (big thunderstorms or floods) will we cancel the tour. So far this has never happened. We will inform you ASAP in such cases.

Do you do pick-ups?
As we are a green company, we don’t use vehicles to transport people or bicycles. We will visit all of our highlights by bike and return by bike as a group.

What kind of bikes do we ride?
The bikes we offer you are conventional city bikes or cruiser with adjustable gears. In this flat country you will only need to shift gear going up a dike! These bikes are human powered.

What are the roads like?
At least 90% of the roads we take are paved (asphalt / tiles) and they are of very good quality. On some of our more countryside tours there might be short backroads that you can experience as a little bumpy. You don't have to worry about it - they are not even close to a dirt road or any kind of off-roading.

Are children welcome to join?
Yes, all younger ones are welcome to join but they should be under full supervision of an adult. As for all participants, they should be comfortable riding a bike (see next question) and understand general traffic rules.

Do I need to be an experienced biker?
All of our bike tours are low-level, and we think that any person who’s in reasonable shape can do them. Our longer trips do require some more energy, but we’re not racing, but enjoying the scenery. However, we expect you to be able to ride a bike and to feel comfortable with that. Especially in some towns you will be riding among other traffic. Please make sure that you are familiar with the traffic rules.

Do you offer helmets?
Helmets are not included in the fare, but can be rented on request. Please inform us beforehand if you wish one. Dutch people usually don’t wear helmets because riding a bike is perfectly safe.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
You can find the English version here. The Dutch version you can find here.

My question isn't in the list. What should I do?

Please contact us through our contact form or email us!